Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have to stay at home and congregate on FaceTime and Zoom for long days, instead of hanging out or gathering at a friend’s house. Although it’s also nice to chat with friends online, it can get tedious as the pandemic dominates most conversations.

But don’t worry, technology offers so many amazing online games to play with our friends, helping us distract from the chaos of the outside world. Here are three of the most exuberant online games to play with our friends while in quarantine.

TabletopiaTexas Hold ‘Em

Tabletopia is an online gaming platform featuring more than 800 games that you can play for free. Texas Hold ‘Em is one of these games that you can choose from. If you aren’t familiar with the game, the online version of Texas Hold ‘Em will give you the chance to learn with your friends. It also requires betting and bluffing. Therefore, check it out right now if you’re a fan of high-risk, deceitful competition. However, remember not to bet real money.

Codenames online

In addition to a physical board game, Codenames also launches a free online version. This strategy word game splits players into two teams. One player of each team plays the role of the Spymaster, connecting as many words which have been assigned to the color of their team on the five-by-five board that is made up of random vocabulary. The Spymaster, going turn by turn, will say one word connecting multiple words on the board. This game challenges players to relate words that have nothing to do with each other.

Houseparty games

Houseparty includes games that everyone on the call can play, which makes it different from other video chatting apps. There is interactive games such as its own version of Apples to Apples called Chips and Guac and trivia, the intense charades game Heads Up!. These allow you to have fun with your friends without having to use two separate devices while video chatting.