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Psychological benefits when playing online games

Someone has not get on well with online games. They consider that it makes bad habit and thought for gamer, especially the young when they usually lose control about playing game, so they play it usually day and day while ignoring other tasks such as learning well or doing housework.

However, you should look at another aspect of games then you can see many benefits from online games. Online game is blameless. The reasons are from players as well appealing of the gaming companies.

In this article, we continue to share several psychological benefits of online games. Following it then you can see some positive points about games.

4/ Improvement about development skill

Depending other characters of games, it has some offered benefits.

For example, playing card games related to flight with friends can improve memory better, concentration higher as well analytical skills. Then it is stored and enriched mental well.

Or playing online games involved money and strategy, it is a good way to absolute concentration and attentiveness rate well.

Through improvement all development skills when playing, it is set up in your mind automatically. It means that your brain can keep and work in the best shape.

5/ Keep contact with brain on purpose

Although all online games are practiced for short-term memory, it also contributes in development your long term memory. It means that playing games can support to stay engaged with brain frequently.

Although it has drawback about contacting or conversation and social interaction with others. But games can fill in your brain with this vacuum. So it is good to push your brain occupied and active mentally as well psychologically. You usually don’t feel boring or disappointed when playing games in usual.

Once you can get balance benefits and weakness, you can reach good effects from online games.

Psychological benefits when playing online games

Online games is considered as a favorite source of entertainment because it has convenience as well many benefits for players. Besides benefits about relaxing, online games has also offered benefits for psychology.

In this article, we share top greatest psychology benefits when you play online games. When you get balance playing games with other jobs, you can receive a wide range of advantages.

1/ It can reduce stress

Research points out that playing online game offers psychological benefits like stress relief. The truth that people tend to find games when they feel tired or intention. So, enjoying games can help you forget stress in your mind, even it can reduce stress levels.

One example shows that playing game can lower 17% primary stress- related hormones. Furthermore, players feel more excitement and comfort after finish one game.

2/ It contributes to develop skill

Almost games requires you good memory and concentration. So, you practice it in game and build up a good habit for your mindset. All skills can make more overall mental enrichment.

Some games about money or strategy also require you more attentiveness which need to comply all fixed rules to win. It also helps your mind to tend more concentration and carefulness.

Or some teamwork games helps you to practice teamwork and communication skills.

The truth that online games are good for skill growth better and better. It looks like an exercise to your brain in the best shape.

3/ It can stay engaged with your mind

Someone claims that playing game is good for short-term memory. The fact that it should be good to improve both long-term memory and others skills.

Sometimes you feel not worry or tired, you can play game to fill up this vacuum. It is a good way to make your brain busy and active. So, it is good benefits mentally and psychologically.

Top greatest online games in 2020

Recently, the online gaming industry has reached breakthrough when more and more people love and download games about their smartphone or computer.

The truth that online games has improved technology and changed though and lifestyle of many players. Not only the young or teenager, even the mature or the old also download games for relaxing purpose.

In this article, we collect top the greatest online games in 2020 taken data from Google Play.

4/ Splatoon 2

Splatoon 2 has been built up by Nintendo and only available on Nintendo Switch app.

It is a shooter game which can play with multi players. Some users also review that it is colorful and interesting compared other previous shooter game.

As the rule, you can choose one of two options: single player or multiplayer. In the multiplayer, you can create a team with 2 or 4 members. You need to remember everything in the whole map area, then take action to be against rivals and reach winning.

5/ Hearthstone

Hearthstone is an online card game. It is free to play on Windows, IOS as well Android.

There are many options for players. You can choose a casual mode with single player or multiplayer battle or ranked matches.

As the rule, you need to collect more cards about magic, spells, characters or abilities of actor. Then you choose a proper actor to fight with other players. Actor should comply enough power and willingness to compete against other rivals.

After the battle, you win means that you can receive bonus. It can be a new cards or money in the form of gold. You should take advantage of new cards to build up new hero then continue to play another game.

This game is highly recommend for relaxing because players are easy to follow the rules and practice it fast after some instructions.

Top greatest online games in 2020

In the digital age, online gaming has become a potential industry when more and more people join it daily as a major source of relaxing. In general, people tend to play game as a good way to relax or reduce stress. By advances in technology, they don’t need to go the commercial center to join games, all can be solved in the internet.

Through breakthrough of technology, it also contributes to changes in lifestyles of people. Many investors focus on building online game to earn big revenues.

In this article, we refer top greatest online games until March in 2020.

1/ Fortnite Battle Royale

It is a game with strategic actions to survive after disaster. It’s free to play solo or in a group with 2 or 4 members. In general, this game is interesting to get new experience about actions.

Since launched, it has been set up on some applications like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac and even PS4. It’s convenient to access. Estimated that you are playing with 5 million other players to find the best strategy for saving the life.

2/ Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Until this time, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular online game with a big number of player access daily. It is available on Android, Windows, iOS and Xbox.

About content, this game is a multiplayer which collect you and 99 others to take a remote abandoned island. At there, you have mission to eradicate others in the competition and become the last person can survive. In the end of game, you are a hero.

3/ League of Legends (LOL)

This game has a long history about 10 year olds but it is always one of the most favorite games for any player.

It is a battle game with multiplayer. You also collect a team to become the unique champions. Estimated that this game has about 100 million active players while 8 million in current transaction

Three online games to play with friends while stuck at home due to COVID-19

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have to stay at home and congregate on FaceTime and Zoom for long days, instead of hanging out or gathering at a friend’s house. Although it’s also nice to chat with friends online, it can get tedious as the pandemic dominates most conversations.

But don’t worry, technology offers so many amazing online games to play with our friends, helping us distract from the chaos of the outside world. Here are three of the most exuberant online games to play with our friends while in quarantine.

TabletopiaTexas Hold ‘Em

Tabletopia is an online gaming platform featuring more than 800 games that you can play for free. Texas Hold ‘Em is one of these games that you can choose from. If you aren’t familiar with the game, the online version of Texas Hold ‘Em will give you the chance to learn with your friends. It also requires betting and bluffing. Therefore, check it out right now if you’re a fan of high-risk, deceitful competition. However, remember not to bet real money.

Codenames online

In addition to a physical board game, Codenames also launches a free online version. This strategy word game splits players into two teams. One player of each team plays the role of the Spymaster, connecting as many words which have been assigned to the color of their team on the five-by-five board that is made up of random vocabulary. The Spymaster, going turn by turn, will say one word connecting multiple words on the board. This game challenges players to relate words that have nothing to do with each other.

Houseparty games

Houseparty includes games that everyone on the call can play, which makes it different from other video chatting apps. There is interactive games such as its own version of Apples to Apples called Chips and Guac and trivia, the intense charades game Heads Up!. These allow you to have fun with your friends without having to use two separate devices while video chatting.

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