Sport betting is favorited and chosen by many bettors in gambling market. It’s reasonable when people watch a live match then place on betting to increase interest or excitement. So, more and more people love and place wagers in sports.

To make variety for sport betting, bookmakers offer series of types. Before you place on bets officially, you should discover detail so that you can control advantage and disadvantage from betting. it’s the best way to maintain this favorite in a long time.

If you are confused about difference among betting types, following our article to make clear about it.

1, Betting over/ under/ totals

In general, this kind is the most popular and convenient.

It is simple to understand that you wager the final results of game, including three options: over means your team is higher, under mean your team is lower or total means both teams are tie or total scores of both teams after finishing the game.

Depending on other betting types, you can see clearly about function, mode and promotion of each kind.

This type is usually applied in some team sport games like football, baseball, basketball so on.

2, Proposition betting

If you prefer funny, this type is proper to your mind.

It doesn’t meet standard requirements about game because it has new ideal to be business and make the area to be noisier.

For example, you are asking to place on bet with some creative results like: which team would win when they use the coin toss or how many people are in the green color…so many things to place wagers.

Someone loves this method because it brings new experience about betting. Furthermore, proposition betting in sports has brought to new something about farming and the local.

The fact, this type is preferred to be placed the most in this year.