Focusing on science, reading, writing, typing, and more, these four free educational games for kids can help your child learn at home. You can also use them as a chance to spend quality time with your kids and stay involved in their education. Choose any game from the following list to save more money and keep your kids entertained.

Home Base by Scholastic

Home Base takes children on an amazing adventure bringing popular books and characters to the digital world.

Including tons of games and exciting explorations, this role-playing game will encourage reading habit by reminding children about their favorite books, and perhaps introducing some new ones!


Typetastic takes children on a wild adventure, full of fun activities to help them practice their typing skills.

From elementary to high school age, this free typing game has something for every kid who wants to learn and practice typing. They may even be on their way to even break world records.


With more than 400 educational games, ABCya covers different topics from language and math to art, strategy, and more. Kids will surely find a game they enjoy, on a topic they want to learn.

While children are concentrating on playing ABCya games, parents can rest assured that they are safe and secure. Moreover, they’ll boost the relevant skills they need to succeed at school.


It’s easy to get kids, and even adults, hooked on this fun math puzzle.

The object of the game 2048 is to move tiles on a grid and put equal tiles together so that they can merge into one tile with double the value. Without running out of space on the grid, players then go on to increase tile values to work their way to the prized “2048” tile. It will get your kid’s logical brain working while they have fun.