In the modern life, more and more people enjoy online games in their free time. Instead of going outside for playing sports or talking with relatives in their family, they prefer to staying at home and playing games through the Internet of smartphone or PC.

Frankly speaking, playing online games brings both disadvantages and advantages for players. Today, we discuss detail about two aspects of online games.

Firstly, talk about disadvantage of playing online game

  • People need to access the Internet to play live mode or download game about smartphone/ PC. When you download games from notorious sites. So, it is easy to be immersed by viruses, spam or harmful software. This is one of major reasons leading to break smart device.
  • Many people or companies finds ways to cheat users through sophisticated methods. You are easy to be cheated by money or something valuable. It’s called as cyberbullied phenomenon.
  • Someone is addicted by playing online game. They can spend a long time to do it without being tired. However, it will affect badly to health. Some first signals like eye and hand strains. Once you are lazy to work or go outside, it’s not good to lead some diseases about weight, heart, bone issues. Further, you feel boring to communicate with others. Your world is world in the game. It also impacts badly to social and family relationship.
  • All online games require a long time to play. It can consume energy and time of each player.  When you can’t control your timetable, you only pursuit online game and ignore all other activities. It makes you strange and abnormal.
  • You also consume much charges to maintain the online game. Such as, pay money to download the latest version, pay money to purchase accessories for actors in game or fee to improve PC better. However, you can pay all fee usually to update new games continuously.