Free Online Games For Elementary School-Aged Kids

  • Shifu Plugo: To use the huge range of games on the Shifu Plugo website you’ll need to purchase a gamepad and accessories. However, they are available at a pretty modest price point, you then simply slip your tablet into the holder and can download and access hundreds of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities to support learning at no further cost across a range of topics.
  • CBC Kids: Older kids will find the adventures of Napkin Man on CBC Kids, Canada’s national station to be particularly entertaining. Games include opportunities to listen and repeat musical sounds, test mathematical skills as well as word searches, puzzles, and stories to enjoy.
  • Boomerang TV: This site’s collection of games features characters from top kids movies such as Boss Baby and Puss In Boots. A fun dinosaur trivia game, matching games, and even cooking activities will keep kids learning at the same time having fun.

Free Online Games For Tweens

  • Funbrain: Funbrain definitely lives up to its name with so many educational and fun games offering to up to grade 8. Sometimes kids need a little mindless fun and that’s when a simple but addictive game like Helipopper fits so well.
  • Common Sense Media: Older kids learning at home can create somewhat of a problem for parents. They are usually more self-directed than younger children and will be able to self manage their assignments but once they head off to play online games you might be worried about the content and whether or not they are accessing safe and appropriate games. Click on Common Sense Media’s collection of pre-screened games organized for age ranges from preschool to age 12 and you can be sure they have been reviewed appropriately.
  • National Geographic Kids: This world leader in educational content has created tons of games that will keep curious kids up to grade 4 busy. Sign up for a free account if your child wants to save their progress on over 100 games, puzzles, and activities centered around conservation, geography and animal topics.