Here we continue to discuss risks in sport betting which any bettor has ever faced up with them. Whether you are a professional bettor or a newcomer, there are a wide range of risks and troubles caused from betting transactions.

So, how to do in these emergencies. We will share some tints as followings.

From the former article, we refer two major risks: changing unit size and reacting to trends immediately. We also suggest proper solutions in per case. Now, we will discuss other risks.

3, Thinking about gambler’s fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy means that bettors think that something has not yet happened in a long time, then it will more frequently in the future.

For example, you are bets on roulette table. You only see a black number for 10 spins and then first thought is to place on red because it has not come in the recent time. So, it should be “due”. It’s logic but it has not any formula to set up this tip.

The fact, every spin is made independent compared with spins in the past. So, appearance of color spin is random and is changed in per turn. Therefore, there is no guaranty to assure that the red color can appear.

It’s better you forget this thinking about gambler’s fallacy. Every betting should be considered and calculated carefully from factors about athletes, concept of the match.

4, Places on too many games

Bettors prefer to place on many bets so that they can share risks and winning equally. However, betting on 10 to 15 games in per day is so much and dangerous.

When you place on too many games, you don’t have enough time to do research all matches related. Or your feeling is normal before the match. You are forgetting meanings and benefits of betting on sports.