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Five Christmas online games you can play for free

Without PS5, you still can reap all the benefits during your Christmas holiday with just a smartphone or laptop. These are the best Christmas online games that you can play freely for some holiday cheer.

Christmas Pics Quiz Game

Christmas Pics Quiz Game is a good online quizzing game that is available on both iOS and Android devices. To play this game, you just have to guess the Christmas picture or emoji Christmas puzzles.

Christmas Sweeper 3

The spirit of Christmas is coming, so let’s play Christmas Sweeper 3to enjoy a celebratory cheer. This app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It has more than 2000 levels of fun, which are all related to Christmas, so you will never run out of fun.

Yasa Pets Christmas

Yasa Pets Christmas is like a Christmas version of a Tamagotchi but with kittens. This game is available on both iOS and Android devices. It is an interactive dollhouse where it’s always Christmas morning whenever you open it. Let’s play the game to relive the magic and excitement of Christmas again and again.

Mario Kart: Winter Tour

Mario Kart: Winter Tour is one of the best online Christmas games you can play for free. In this game, players put the pedal to the metal and start racing to gain points and fun. Just like the normal Mario Kart games, this Christmas version will have your heart racing with festive cheer.

Among Us

Among Us is an amazing game with a space-themed setting. Each player plays one of two roles. A predetermined number of players are Impostors while most become Crewmates. Crewmates need to eliminate Impostors and vice versa. Since launching in 2018, Among Us has been downloaded more than 90 million times. It is very popular thanks to several good reasons: it is free, very easy to understand, and can be played with multiple friends.

Disadvantage and advantage of online games (Part 2)

As shared in the previous article, online games bring a lot of both advantages and disadvantages for players. If you can control and arrange a suitable timetable for playing game, it is great to improve mental and reaction fast. However, you are easy to be addicted when you play it without any schedule.

In this article, we will discuss more detail about benefits of online games. Our references will push your emotion to try online games. So, you should consider carefully about proper methods of playing.

Advantages of online games

  • Online game is a great way to relax. So, you feel better after finishing one game. Then, it helps your mental to become sharper and smarter.
  • Almost online games set rule about time-out. So, you can improve skills about management time and discipline by yourself. Then you apply these useful skills to real life.
  • Some online games offer prizes by cash, promotion or gift to purchase accessories in the game world. It’s great when you can earn money whereas you are playing games as if you are relaxing.
  • You can become more positive in the social relationship because you are accessing to more partners and make friends in playing game. In general, friends in the game world have the same feeling and idea, you are easy to be closer with them. It can help you to improve communication skills.
  • Practicing game is a wonderful way to connect skills between your mind and your hand’s actions. Especially you play fast games like racing, driving so on. There skills are necessary to be improved and developed in the future.
  • Practicing reaction skills. Because you need to focus on game by 100% energy and mind so that you can reach good results. So, these skills about super reactions will become better.

Disadvantage and advantage of online games (Part 1)

In the modern life, more and more people enjoy online games in their free time. Instead of going outside for playing sports or talking with relatives in their family, they prefer to staying at home and playing games through the Internet of smartphone or PC.

Frankly speaking, playing online games brings both disadvantages and advantages for players. Today, we discuss detail about two aspects of online games.

Firstly, talk about disadvantage of playing online game

  • People need to access the Internet to play live mode or download game about smartphone/ PC. When you download games from notorious sites. So, it is easy to be immersed by viruses, spam or harmful software. This is one of major reasons leading to break smart device.
  • Many people or companies finds ways to cheat users through sophisticated methods. You are easy to be cheated by money or something valuable. It’s called as cyberbullied phenomenon.
  • Someone is addicted by playing online game. They can spend a long time to do it without being tired. However, it will affect badly to health. Some first signals like eye and hand strains. Once you are lazy to work or go outside, it’s not good to lead some diseases about weight, heart, bone issues. Further, you feel boring to communicate with others. Your world is world in the game. It also impacts badly to social and family relationship.
  • All online games require a long time to play. It can consume energy and time of each player.  When you can’t control your timetable, you only pursuit online game and ignore all other activities. It makes you strange and abnormal.
  • You also consume much charges to maintain the online game. Such as, pay money to download the latest version, pay money to purchase accessories for actors in game or fee to improve PC better. However, you can pay all fee usually to update new games continuously.

Top online games with multiplayer (Part 3)

If you are finding some online games can play with your friends, you can follow our suggestion. We share top online games in the multiplayer mode.

It’s great to contact some friends and relax together after a working day. It’s more exciting when per gamer can stay at home but play together.

6, Grand Theft Auto V

People usually call it in short name as GTA V. 

This game has been launched in 2013 by Rockstar games who is well-knowns as a talented producer about action game.

It is a famous game about action-adventure. It is also set up at other platforms to serve players everywhere like Windows, Xbox One or PlayStation 4. So, you have more options to find a proper platform.

At the multiplayer mode, you can have more options to adjust the number of players as well content of each adventure.

Until nowadays, GTA V is still popular and spreading at many nations in the U.S.A, Europe and also Asia.

7, Dota 2

Dota 2 has been ever outstanding as a great game for free and multiplayer mode. It has been dominated the online game market in a long time of the last decade.

It is built on 5-v-5 arena combats where players can destroy the base of enemy. 

Although there are many obstacles and lanes to prevent players, it increases thrilling and exiting of game.

8, Minecraft 

Minecraft has been launched in 2009 by Mojang and Markus. As soon as introduced, it is welcomed by millions of players under different ages.

It causes surprising about content and graphics, although it has been ever commented that it is a little awkward and strange.

Nowadays, it has version both PC and mobile to create convenience for players. It is especially focused on multiplayer mode. So, it is various about content at this mode.

The Seven Best Online Games You Shouldn’t Miss in 2020 (part 1)

Year by year, the world of online games is getting more and more appealing with a wider and wider range of players across all age, gender, and even status. This year, you shouldn’t miss the seven best of the best online games below since they are going to be the leading in the online community.

1. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout quickly became a spectacle when it was released, attracting millions of players within a day of release. Up to 60 players can compete in the matches of this platformer battle royal game. The characters appear in the form of jelly bean-like characters, moving in a 3-D playing area. The company that created the game has recently announced a key update and more additional content to the game.

2. Valorant

Released early this year, Valorant centers on the story of the Earth in the near future. A mysterious event changed our planet and produced gifted individuals named Radiants. This interactive shooter game is played from the first-person point of view. Often compared to games with similar themes, Valorant is regarded as one of the best tactical shooter games in the world of online games. It offers different gameplays for players to choose from, featuring a standard mode and a death match mode where players can choose based on their preference with time and style.

3. Online Lottery

Even though 2020 has changed the way we play our favorite games, the fun remains as you can find them online as before. The lottery has always been a favorite game for many people, and it’s great that the online lottery is already available for avid fans. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the lottery and gambling operations and they have adjusted accordingly so that we can now continue playing at the same time staying safely at homes. We are just a few clicks away from winning the jackpot thanks to the development of different apps online.

Top online games with multiplayer (Part 2)

Playing game is a great way to relax in the free time. It’s convenient when you don’t need to waste time for go outside. Furthermore, you also choose mode to play with multiplayers like your friends, relatives to improve communication and connection well.

In this article, we continue to share top the best online game can play with multiplayers. Following it if you are finding some new games.

4, Asphalt 9: Legends

Another game about legends. It is called Asphalt 9. It’s a racing game.

Before it, it has some older versions. However, this version is latest so it has advanced improvements about graphics and icons. As soon as being launched, it is received series of positive comments from players.

Another strong feature of Asphalt 9 is free to play in the Android system. So, someone uses Android, you can download this game easily.

On this game, you will choose various kind of cars and races then be against other players or AI from the fixed system. Above all, people prefer the multiplayer mode the most. The speed is the most factor to create interesting races. In this game, players will get experience at other levels based on pretty graphics and simple mechanics.

If you are used to play Asphalt 8: Airborne or Asphalt Xtreme, Asphalt 9 will bring new excitements.

5, Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty is new kind of game which focuses on multiplayer modes as the main function. It is a FPS game.

People are satisfactory about a wide range of options for multiplayer modes. For example, you can choose the number of players to join one battle. Even, quantity of players can be up to 100. It depends on your favorite or level.

There is a source of content with various weapon and gear skins for your game.

Top online games with multiplayer (Part 1)

In the modern world, someone chooses playing online games instead of going outsideto play sports or outdoor activies.

According to positive thinking, playing online is good to improve mind, psychology as well relaxing. It’s better to arrange stuitable time for playing and doing other jobs.

In this article, we share top online games which can play with other players as  your reference. 

1, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Some players loving shooting games can’t miss counter-strike or also known as cs.

The Counter-strike has many versions to be released for both PC and Mac. The version in 2012 is the latest.

This game is highly aprreciated as a great shoot game with amazing mechanics and realistic graphics. Furthermore, this game has many modes for multiplayers, so you can play it with your team or some strangers in forum.

2, League of Legends

League of Legends is also called as LOL. This game is well-known with millions of players all over the world.

This game is famous because everything in game opens a new world for your experience. They recall some stories in legends which you have ever been listen before.

This game also offers a free version with enough standard and mode for new players. You should start this version.

It’s better to play with other multiplayers before purchasing a upgraded version.

3, Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves can hardly play with many ages, but someone can match rules in this game, it becomes more exciting and interesting for new discovery.

It is around stories about the sea where there is a crew, including steerer, sailor to handle the ship and fight with other crews. After that, your team can conquer much values in the sea. It looks treasures or landscapes, friends. The fact, life in the sea is interesting and various like life in the ground.

Disadvantages of playing online game

In the modern society, the Internet brings a lot of benefits for people about working as well entertainment. We can use computer to work and interact with other people from other nations without consuming any fee about international call, or we can play game, watch films or listen to music through a computer.

Besides benefits from computer, it still exists drawbacks when you can’t control your schedule if you are addicted in playing computer games, so on. 

In this article, we only refer to disadvantages of playing computer games. In case you are a fan of games, you should follow our analysis to see clearly about this situation whether playing online game is good or not.

1/ Affect to general health

When playing online game in a long time, it will impact to your health like hand and eye strain, pressure of fat. Even it causes some diseases and laziness to join outside activities.

Someone can’t control timetable for playing game, they will play it from night to morning, then go to school or work. It will affect badly to performance when you are physically tired. In general, it is not good for general health.

2/ Epilepsy

In action games in computer, it can cause epileptic attacks without under control of players. It has origin from flashing images or actions in games. These reactions will affect to sleep deprivation or over emotional excitement then expressing by unexpected actions.

Furthermore, epilepsy also affects directly to brain and mind of players.

3/ Affect to aggressive behavior

Some violent games will affect to aggressive actions and attitudes. Many cases happen when they use these reactions in their real life.

So, many critics claim about bad behavior of players. Then they consider to prevent playing games overtime from some people, especially the kids and teenager.

Cognitive advantage of playing online games for kids

Playing online games can bring a lot of benefit for kids if you instruct them to use suitably. This is the truth and also is improved through many studies.

In this article, we will collect cognitive advantage from games. 

For the kids in growth process, building cognitive knowledge is important to have good brain. Therefore, you should take advantage of online games to push your kid’s development better and efficiently.

3/ Improve memory

In online games, it can impact on both visual and audial memory. It requires players to read, remember and follow rules in games. Only you do it fluently, you have the right to continue the entire game. So, the kids have only way to remember all instructions, or characters in keyboard to handle the game well.

This way is good to enhance memory, including short and long term in games as well other things in the real life.

4/ Enhance attention and concentration

According to the records, almost players pay attention totally to play online games. They determine targets or certain objectives to overcome. Whereas the game always makes more objects to prevent the progress. It makes more interesting in process.

As the rule, coming to higher level, you have to face more objectives and challenges, so your attention and concentration is improved better.

5/ It is a great way to learn new skills

In game, you can access to historical stories or something related to the real life. It’s a great way to improve more knowledge for kids. 

Games also use modern education institutions to share their messages to players efficiently. Sometimes video games provide academic skills which parents follow to share to their kids. It is a great source to learn and enhance cognitive skills.

Cognitive advantage of playing online games for kids

Someone thinks that playing online games is not good for kids because they will become lazy in outdoor activities or homework. It’s correct in case kids and parents can’t arrange timetable properly.

If your kids can set up their schedule clearly, you should allow them to play online games freely. Because online games can bring cognitive benefits, especially good for kids who are in sensitive approach of growth.

In this article, we discuss some cognitive advantage of playing online games for kids.

1/ Improves coordination

On online games, you need to coordinate many movements and gestures, including visual, audial as well physical movements. It’s necessary to solve fast situation at the screen of computer.

When kids are practiced these skills fluently, it can help good habit for mental. They will set up a system of mind and actions fastest and well.

2/ Improves problem-solving ability and memory

Like other traditional sports, online games also require certain rules which any player has to follow then can continue it. Therefore, kids need to remember required rules and follow it strictly. It’s a good way to practice their memory without any pressure about learning.

Furthermore, in one a match, there are many troubles happen. The players will determine to find solution about maintaining or giving up to the next level. After process of thoughts and actions, kids can improve problem-solving skills efficiently. Whether they can apply this skill to the real life or not, it’s another story. But actually, playing online game is good to exercise memory and other soft skills to solve problems.

The truth that improving memory in short or long term, it will depend on attitude of players. Whether kids have enough experience to use these natural skills in games to their life. It’s better when they receive instructions and sharing from the adults.

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